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Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services is an exclusive and premium service available to the more discerning and select investors. We manage accounts with individual attention to each investor’s portfolio with a wide range of sophisticated portfolio strategies. PMS would warrant an allocation in the core portfolio for any high net worth individual.
Focuses on large cap companies across sectors with a view to secure steadfast long term returns navigating the investments through market ups and downs, with more active style of management, following a value based stock selection strategy. It aims at generating returns by exploiting market price inefficiencies and other low risk opportunities. It uses various derivative strategies such as cash future arbitrage, covered calls, covered puts, arbitrage and open offer arbitrage opportunities in case of takeover delisting.

Portfolio comprises of select ideas

Backed by high level of investment expertise and research.

Ability to take focused bets both in stocks and sectors

Build a portfolio of high conviction ideas and take meaningful exposure to such companies, thereby adding value when these stocks play out their potential.

Personalization and customization

The portfolio manager builds and manages each portfolio keeping in mind the strategy selected and the timing of investments. Frequent information flow to clients on market views and portfolio action through online on daily basis.