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Equity Broking

Equity Broking

Astitva Online offers equity broking platform to retail investors, traders, and arbitrageurs at all major cities across India. Astitva Capital Market Private Ltd. is a trading member of The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE). It provides trading facilities at Capital Market and Derivative Market Segment of Exchanges.

At Astitva Online each client needs are taken care of with high levels of services standards and providing dedicated staff member. The products of equity are user friendly and easy to understand.

The company provides trading facility in future & options segment at NSE. In this segment one can trade in Stock Futures, Index futures, currency futures and stock options & Index options. The future contracts at NSE have one month, two months and three month expiry cycles which expire on the last Thursday of the month. On Friday following the last Thursday, a new contract having a three month expiry is introduced for trading.

The clients can trade in the future & options segment after depositing adequate amount of margin prescribed by the stock exchange and the company.

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