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Our Vision

Astitva Online

Our Business Activities

Astitva Online has the following Business Activities:

  • Trading in securities, stocks, Derivatives and commodities.
  • IPO Management services for bonds issued by companies and authorities.
  • Managing various investment funds in accordance with relevant rules and regulations of SEBI.
  • Conducting researches and studies related to all of the company's objectives.
  • Providing advisory services related to investment opportunities including privatizations.
  • Fund Management L.C of surplus available at the company by investing it in financial and real estate portfolios, managed by Qualified and Competent Professionals.
  • Issuing guarantees to physical and natural parties, excluding banking guaranties and other banking profession services, within preset amounts & period.
  • Investing in various economic sectors through Equity Participation, Debt Syndication.

Our Performance

During the past years, the company has expanded its investment goals and modernized its strategic plans and activities:

  • Acceptable average rate of return for each of the company's shareholders and clients.
  • Progressive economic growth of the country through better performance in the field of investment.
  • Developing its financial resources, whether from the company's shareholders or clients, through good investments.
  • Increased role of private investment in developing and modernizing financial instruments for the clients/Investors.


We at Astitva recognise that employees are the greatest asset of any organisation. We have created a working environment which helps the employees to achieve their career objectives. Astitva encourages employees to use their competence and provide them oppurtunities/Platform , for their growth and development, expand their intrinsic knowledge, skills and abilities. Our employees contributed significantly towards the Astitva vision of becoming the the most trusted financial solutions company. Every Astitva employee is adhered to company's core values and strives hard to achieve its vision and goal.

Our Vision

To become most trusted financial solutions company.

  • No matter what the asset nature is;
  • No matter what the market condition is;
  • No matter what the size of our client is;
  • we are always driven by the sole mission that the wealth of our clients must grow.

Our Values

  • Always Be Prudent
  • Always Be Transparent
  • Always Be Foresighted
  • Always Be Client Centric
  • Clients' interests always come first. lf we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.
  • Long term relationship with clients is more important than short term gains. Always anticipate change and be prepared.
  • We apply wise financial and business strategies. Our clients rely on our experience, judgment and analysis for their wealth to grow.
  • Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We maintain highest degree of ethical standards and demonstrate this is our activities.